Quotations For Supply of B&R on Basis of MES Schedule of Rates 2014

(Reprinted in 2016)


1.         DHA Bwp has planned for quotations For Supply of B&R on Basis of MES Schedule of Rates 2014 (Reprinted in 2016). Quoted rates will be above or below in percentage wise from MES Schedule of Rates 2014 (reprinted in 2016). Moreover, quotation must be in inclusive of all taxes/ duties & profit. Quotations will be submitted in sealed envelope & will be submitted at following address by 05 Jan 2021.

            Address:        Additional Director Contracts, (P&D Branch)

                                    Defence Housing Authority, Jinnah Avenue,

                                    APE Canal Road, MB-02, Bahawalpur

                                    Tel:     0345-1875225, 0345-1875231

2.         Tender documents will not be issued to firms which do not meet the criteria mentioned For this purpose, C6 & above firms can forwarded following documents:-

            a.         Valid PEC Cert

            b.         Valid registration with DHA Bwp

            c.         Relevant experience in said work (i.e. proof for similar nature of min one proj)

3.         It is also added that in case of non-schedule items/ supply & fixing items proper analysis will be submitted on the basis of which rates will be approved by Director Planning & Development DHA Bwp.

4.         List of routine items being required is attached as (Anx A). Employer can ask for any bazaar supply E&M item irrespected of list attached.

5.         Contract Agreement of above mentioned work will be 1 January 2021 to 31 March 2021 or amount allocated for this Contract Agreement which so ever will be earlier.

6.         Bid will be inclusive of all taxes & duties less PST and this bid will be valid till 15 days.


Sr# Description of B&R Maintenance Items
1  Drummy Dove White Distemper Brighto
2 Drummy  White Distemper Brighto
3 Drummy Lovender White Distemper Brighto
4 Gallon White Enamel Brighto
5 Paint Brush 4"
6 Kerosine oil
7 Plaster of Paris
8 Gallon Silk Stone Weather shield
9 Drummy Ash White Weather shield 0115
10 Cement
11 Sand
12 Silicon
13 Elfy
14 Door Closer
15 Steel Nails 
16 Drawer Channel 18"
17 Drawer Channel 16"
18 Drawer Channel  12'
19 Carpenter Glue
20 Door Handle
21 Aluminum Door Lock
22 U type Hooks 12mm
23 Varnish
24 Cabinet Locks
25 Cabinet Handle
26 Scrappers
27 Drawer Locks
28 Drawer Handles
29 Black Screws
30 Mobil oil for door machine
31 Malmal Cloth 
32 Thinner ICI
33 Anti-termite Spray
34 Lacker ICI
35 7CF Spray Shinner
36 Samad Bond Big
37 Tile Filling
38 Grinder Disk 5'
39 kala Sena 
40 Laal Sena
41 Pila Sena
42 kala phula
43 Sundras
44 Lock Dana
45 Spirit
46 Chalk Miti
47 Ragmar
48 Pan Crush 
49 Glass Door Machine
50 Bamboo Ladder 30 Ft
51 Paint Brush 5' Captan