Transfer & Record Procedure

No Demand Certificate (NDC)
Regular Transfer
Hiba Transfer
Issuance of Duplicate Allocation, Intimation, Allotment and Transfer Letter(s)
Legal Heir(s) Transfer
Issuance of Allocation Letter
Change of Name

No Demand Certificate (Download Form)

Documents Required

  1. Attested copies of CNIC of Seller & Buyer.
  2. Expired CNICs will not be accepted.
  3. Photocopy of Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letters.
  4. Challan of Transfer Fee of DHA Bwp duly paid according to size of plot.
  5. Attach Photocopies of Demand Draft / Pay Orders of down payment & installments.
  6. Copy of Site Plan for the plots (if possession is open). If not held will be applied for along with NDC.
  7. NDC Form with cutting / overwriting will not be accepted.
  8. Copy of Completion Certificate (in case of Completed House / Building).
  9. TIP Paid receipt clearance certificate from Bahawalpur Cantt Board (in case of constructed property). In case of exemption, exemption certificate be attached.
  10. Property Tax receipt and clearance certificate from Bahawalpur Cantt Board.
  11. NDC for Armed Forces Personnel in case of service benefit Plots / Plots allotted out of Defence quota from GHQ AG’s Branch (W&R Dte).
  12. Attested photo copies of Pension Book, Discharge Certificate and Form ’B’ in case of Retd JCO’s/ NCOs and NOKs of Shaheed / Deceased.


  1. No Demand Certificate request form is available at DHA Office Reception.
  2. Seller will submit NDC alongwith above mentioned documents in Transfer Branch.
  3. NDC will be forwarded to Finance Branch for clearance.
  4. Time of NDC clearance is three working days on applying date.
  5. After clearance of NDC from Finance Branch, Transfer time will be given to customer.
  6. Transfer will be carried out.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Original Allocation, Intimation, Allotment and Transfer Letter(s) to be surrendered to DHA at the time of transfer.
  2. Paid copy of transfer fee and other dues (if any) to be submitted at least one day before transfer.
  3. NDC will remain applicable till the due date of next installment.
  4. In case of Provisional NDC (remaining installments) purchaser should submit an affidavit of Rupees 50/- that He/She will pay the left over installments within 60 days. Transfer Letter to the Purchaser will be given after submission of all dues (Installments & Surcharges if any)