Transfer & Record Procedure

No Demand Certificate (NDC)
Regular Transfer
Hiba Transfer
Issuance of Duplicate Allocation, Intimation, Allotment and Transfer Letter(s)
Legal Heir(s) Transfer
Issuance of Allocation Letter
Change of Name

Legal Heir(s) Transfer (Download Form)


Documents Required

  1. Forwarding letter giving the details of documents under legal heirs signatures/Thumb Impression.
  2. Original allotment / Transfer letter for cancellation so that new letter can be issued in the name of legal heirs.
  3. Declaratory decree in respect of Legal Heirs issued by Civil Judge having competent Jurisdiction.
  4. Affidavit duly attested by Oath Commissioner as per specimen.
  5. Death Certificate (Duly attested).
  6. Photostat Copies of the National Identity Cards of all legal heirs (duly attested).
  7. Photographs of all Legal Heirs duly attested by class one officer.
  8. Advertisement regarding death of the owner / member with photograph in two newspapers (Urdu & English) as per specimen.
  9. Registration Form of Legal Heirs (Jointly).
  10. Registration Form Rs. 350/-
  11. Registration Fee Rs. 6830/-
  12. Transfer Fee Rs. 2700/-


  1. All above mentioned documents will be submitted to Transfer Branch.
  2. All documents will be checked and verified in Transfer Branch.
  3. In case of any mistake / query in Transfer papers, will be corrected by customer.
  4. Picture and Biometric of Seller and Buyer in Transfer Office.
  5. Signatures of Seller and Buyer on Transfer Papers at the time of Transfer.
  6. Holding of Original CNICs with Seller and Buyer at the time of Transfer.
  7. Transfer Letter will be issued to Buyer (New Owner).