Transfer & Record Procedure

No Demand Certificate (NDC)
Regular Transfer
Hiba Transfer
Issuance of Duplicate Allocation, Intimation, Allotment and Transfer Letter(s)
Legal Heir(s) Transfer
Issuance of Allocation Letter
Change of Name

Issuance of Allocation Letter

Documents Required

  1. 2 x photocopies of CNIC duly attested of Buyer.
  2. 2 x Passport size photographs duly attested of Buyer with blue background.
  3. Filling of Membership Form issued by Transfer Branch.
  4. Challan of Transfer Fee of Rs. 51250/- duly paid.
  5. Original Intimation Letter (customer copy) issued by Land Branch.


  1. All above mentioned documents will be submitted to Transfer Branch.
  2. All documents will be checked and verified in Transfer Branch.
  3. Picture and Biometric of Buyer in Transfer Office.
  4. Signatures of Buyer on Transfer Papers at the time of Transfer.
  5. Holding of Original CNIC with Buyer at the time of Transfer.
  6. Allocation Letter will be issued to Buyer.

Documents Required

  1. Application Address to Director Transfer & Record.
  2. Affidavit for the change of name dully attested by Oath commissioner.
  3. Copy of Old and New CNIC.
  4. Copy of Husband / Father Computerized National Identity Card.
  5. Copy of Allotment / Transfer / Intimation Letter.
  6. Ground Verification will be carried out by DHA (if required).
  7. Copy of Nikkah Nama  / Divorce Certificate (if required).
  8. Nikkha Nama if status changed from unmarried to married.
  9. Advertisement in 2 x National Newspapers (English & Urdu).
  10. Copy of Allocation / Intimation / Allotment / Transfer Letter.
  11. Paid Challan fee of Rs. 5000/-
  12. Declaratory Decree (if complete name changed).