Land Procedure

Approval of Land
Sale Deed Submission
Possession of Land
Stamp Duty
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Missing Documents Applications
Verification of Intimation Letter
Verification of Affidavit-2
Cancellation of Affidavit-2

Sale Deed Submission

  1. Stamp Papers for Registry
  2. Stamp Papers for Agreement
  3. 1 x copy of Computerized National Identity Card “CNIC” of Vendor and Vendee / Witnesses (Both), attested by the Oath Commissioner
  4. Original copy of “Transfer Order” (if Vendor is allottee)
  5. “Affidavit 1” on stamp paper of worth Rs. 50.00
  6. “Undertaking” by Land Owner and Investor written on a stamp paper of worth Rs. 100.00 (as per specimen issued along with Sale of Land Form)
  7. Complete pre-requisite formalities of registry and Deposit FBR/TMA Fees
  8. Land Owner will appear before the Registrar for Bayan