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Cancellation of Affidavit-2

Cancellation of Affidavit-2

Following procedure will adopt for cancellation of affidavit -2 in case of cutting /  changes / amendments / corrections made in affidavit which makes it dubious and non-transparent.

  1. Land Provider will submit an application to Project Director DHA Bahawalpur for cancellation of Affidavit-2 alongwith two new stamp papers for print of new Affidavit-2.
  2. After approval of the competent authority, Land Branch DHA Bahawalpur will ask the applicant for deposition of Rs.10000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) into DHA Bahawalpur account as cancellation charges.
  3. After deposition of cancellation fee, DHA will issue a new affidavit-2 to the applicant against cancelled affidavit-2.
  4. No changes to the contents will be made except the ones declared in the application.